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Homework for Friday (30 June)

Date: Friday (30 June)
Assignments In Red are from previous days.

Complete text analysis.
Complete English Journal questions (KWL) 
Due Next Tuesday (4/7) 

Assignments 9.4 & 9.5 
Due by Next Tuesday (4/7)

Environmental Science
No Homework.

Express Chinese
AA2 First Draft
Check Google Classroom for more information.

By 30 June 2017
Quizlet Link: Click Here or
WS on Newspaper Article
Bring 1A textbook
By Tuesday (4/7)

Higher Chinese
完成一课一测13 完成维也纳景点介绍,一页slide,要求有图片,文字要突出重点,吸引观众,不要太多字

Please form your groups. You can take a look at the 3M Challenge details in Google Classroom.

Work on your report. You can sign up for consultation with Mr Choo. 

IH (Geography)
Complete the questions in the slides for discussion on Tuesday (4/7) and add the videos into the iBook.
iBook deadline has been re-adjusted to Tuesday (4/7).



Please edit and improve presentation based on the comments from Ms Lee.
Link: Click Here or
By Monday (10/7)


Administrative Matters/Reminders
There is a new timetable for Term 3. It can be found here.
There is no school on Monday due to Youth Day, School starts on Tuesday (4/7).

Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made mistakes.
Sebastian Choo S1-04.


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Homework for June School Holiday

Date: June School Holiday Assignments in Redare from previous days
English English Practice Paper (Paper 1 and 2)

Math Holiday Engagement Worksheet

Health Science
Worksheet Email to you from Mr Ng (optional)

Transportation Science None

Express Chinese AA2 First Draft
Check Google Classroom for more information.
By 30 June 2017.

Higher Chinese None ​ ADMT None

IRS Please do Literature Review Planning Template (hardcopy), Hypothesis and Google Form for your reports.

IH (Geography) Do iBook
Instructions: Download iBook Author from the Mac app store to open the .iba file.

Homework for September Holidays

Date: Wednesday (30/8) Assignments In Red are from previous days. Homework does not cover PT/AA unless PT/AA has special instructions. Important: Not all due dates are accurate as timetable has yet to be released.

Alternative Assessment/Performance Tasks I&E: PT (Check Google Classroom for the different dateline) ADMT: 3M Challenge (Due T4 W2, View below for more details)
IH(Geo): iBook (Ch 1-6) (Due Sunday, 10 Sep 2359 hrs)

English Please do Incident Report on Incident at Eco-pond. By Term 4 Week 1 (EL First Lesson)

Math Please complete the following worksheets: Direct and Inverse Proportions Notes Direct and Inverse Proportions Worksheet Direct and Inverse Proportions, Assignment 15.1 Chap 11 Number Patterns By Term 4 Week 1 (Math First Lesson)

Environmental Science Transport in Plants Homework By Term 4 (First Environmental Science Revision)

Transportation Science Revision WS 2 (First 2 Chapters) By Term 4 Week 2 (First Transport Science Revision)