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Examination Format

This is the examination format.
  1. Paper 1 (70m) (1 hour 50 minutes) <3 May, 0750-0940>
  • A) Editing (10m)
  • B) Situational Writing (30m)
  • C) Creative Writing (30m)
      2. Paper 2 (50m) (1 hour 50 minutes) <3 May 1040-1230>
  • A) Visual Text (10m)
  • B) Text (40m)
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  1. Paper 1 (60m) (1 hour 30 minutes) <8 May 0850-1020>
  2. Paper 2 Not Tested

Chapter 1:    Primes, HCF & LCM
Chapter 2:    Real Numbers
Chapter 3:    Approximation & Estimation
Chapter 4:    Algebra – simplification, expansion and algebraic fractions
                          Algebraic Factorisation
                          Linear Equation and Formula
                      Simple Linear Inequalities
Self-Directed Learning: Percentages, Ratio, Rate and Speed, Financial arithmetic

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  1. Health Science Paper (50m) (1 hour) <9 May 0750-0850>
  • A) MCQ (10m)
  • B) Structured Questions (30m)
  • C) Long Structured Questions (10m)
  1. Cells Structure and Organisation
  2. Digestion and Cellular Respiration
  3. Transport in Human
  4. Sexual Reproduction in Humans
      2. Transportation Science (50m) (1 hour) <9 May 0950-1050>
  • A) MCQ (10m)
  • B) Structured Questions (30m)
  • C) Long Structured Questions (10m)
  1. Physical Quantities, Units, and Measurement
  2. Kinematics - Speed
  3. Dynamics - Forces
  4. Turning Effects of Forces - Moments
  5. Energy and Work
Express Chinese
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  1. 试卷一 (60m) (2 hours) <4 May 0750-0950>
  • 实用文(2选1) (20m)
  • 作文(3选1) (40m)
      2.试卷二 (70m) (1 hour 30 minutes) <4 May 1050-1220>
  • 综合填空练习
  • 阅读理解一练习
  • 阅读理解二练习
单元1 to 3
        3.  试卷三 (20m) (Around 35 minutes)<5 May 1005-1040>
  • 听力理解 (20m)
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Integrated Humanities
History Paper (30m) (1 hour 15 minutes) <5 May 0750-0905>
  1. Section A - Source Based Questions (16m)
  • 2 Inference Questions (5m each)
  • 1 Purpose Question (6m)
The lives of migrants in 19th Century Singapore

       2.Section B - Essay Questions (14m)

  • 2 Structured Essay Questions (7m each)
Who is the Founder of Singapore, Reasons for migration during the 19th Century

Good Luck,
Sebastian Choo, S1-04 Secretary.


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