Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Service Learning on 25/5/17

Please Bring:

  1. Water Bottle (at least 500ml)
  2. Umbrella/Ponchos
  3. Mosquito Repellent
  4. Personal Medication (If Needed)
  5. Most Importantly... A Storybook
Materials Provided
  1. Trash Bags (1 Per Group)
  2. Tongs (1 Per Group)
  3. Gloves (4 Pairs Per Group)
Finally, please inform the trainers/teachers if you feel unwell

Rui Zhi

Saturday, May 6, 2017

After Examination Schedule

Dear all,
Please take note there is after school activities.
The schedule is below.

The schedule is due to change. The confirmed schedule will be updated on 11 May on the SST Students Blog.
On some days, you may have to stay back or end late, please take note.
Different people may have different schedules.
Please check your E-mails, teachers etc.
Sebastian, S1-04 Secretary.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Examination Format

This is the examination format.
  1. Paper 1 (70m) (1 hour 50 minutes) <3 May, 0750-0940>
  • A) Editing (10m)
  • B) Situational Writing (30m)
  • C) Creative Writing (30m)
      2. Paper 2 (50m) (1 hour 50 minutes) <3 May 1040-1230>
  • A) Visual Text (10m)
  • B) Text (40m)
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  1. Paper 1 (60m) (1 hour 30 minutes) <8 May 0850-1020>
  2. Paper 2 Not Tested

Chapter 1:    Primes, HCF & LCM
Chapter 2:    Real Numbers
Chapter 3:    Approximation & Estimation
Chapter 4:    Algebra – simplification, expansion and algebraic fractions
                          Algebraic Factorisation
                          Linear Equation and Formula
                      Simple Linear Inequalities
Self-Directed Learning: Percentages, Ratio, Rate and Speed, Financial arithmetic

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  1. Health Science Paper (50m) (1 hour) <9 May 0750-0850>
  • A) MCQ (10m)
  • B) Structured Questions (30m)
  • C) Long Structured Questions (10m)
  1. Cells Structure and Organisation
  2. Digestion and Cellular Respiration
  3. Transport in Human
  4. Sexual Reproduction in Humans
      2. Transportation Science (50m) (1 hour) <9 May 0950-1050>
  • A) MCQ (10m)
  • B) Structured Questions (30m)
  • C) Long Structured Questions (10m)
  1. Physical Quantities, Units, and Measurement
  2. Kinematics - Speed
  3. Dynamics - Forces
  4. Turning Effects of Forces - Moments
  5. Energy and Work
Express Chinese
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  1. 试卷一 (60m) (2 hours) <4 May 0750-0950>
  • 实用文(2选1) (20m)
  • 作文(3选1) (40m)
      2.试卷二 (70m) (1 hour 30 minutes) <4 May 1050-1220>
  • 综合填空练习
  • 阅读理解一练习
  • 阅读理解二练习
单元1 to 3
        3.  试卷三 (20m) (Around 35 minutes)<5 May 1005-1040>
  • 听力理解 (20m)
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Integrated Humanities
History Paper (30m) (1 hour 15 minutes) <5 May 0750-0905>
  1. Section A - Source Based Questions (16m)
  • 2 Inference Questions (5m each)
  • 1 Purpose Question (6m)
The lives of migrants in 19th Century Singapore

       2.Section B - Essay Questions (14m)

  • 2 Structured Essay Questions (7m each)
Who is the Founder of Singapore, Reasons for migration during the 19th Century

Good Luck,
Sebastian Choo, S1-04 Secretary.

Celebration of Learning

Leaders are in Red.

Integrated Humanities (History)

Evaan, Anton, Isaac, Yew Shan, Rui Zhi, Sebastian

Dee Ian, Rui Sian, Elden, Christopher, Jip Wah, Yee Hur, Ryan Lim

Zeph, Keifer, Ryan Phua, Jun Ci, Cheng Ze, Elston

English Language

Leo, Hannah, Reyes

Genius Hour

Everyone (Even if you do other subjects.)

If you would like to be added, removed or changed, please E-mail the leaders (IH and Maths) or me (ADMT and EL).
Sebastian Choo, S1-04 Secretary.