Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Homework for Wednesday (26/4)

Date: Wednesday (26/4)
Assignments in Red are from previous days
Absentees: Sebastian, Ryan Phua (Half-day), Yan Yu (Collect your stuff please)
Plan Compo
Mark your Revision CT paper
The answer key is found here.

CT revision worksheet 
Tier B of handout
By Thursday (27/4)

Health Science
Remember to go for consultation if you told Rui Sian :)

Transportation Science
File Check on Thursday (27/4)
Dynamic Activity
Do when you are free
Energy and Work HW1 
By Thursday (27/4)

Remember to go for consultation if you signed up :)
The Google sheets with the information is here
Express Chinese
None. Study for CT :)

Higher Chinese

Download Google Sketchbook

Please write your hypothesis and create a form with 8-10 questions
By Thursday (27/4)

IH (History)
Finish up your AA
By Friday (28/4)

Yellow House (Rui Zhi and Reyes) Stand-by to lead Class 50 minute exercise

I&E Research
By Friday (28/4)
Finish the Google slides that are going to be used to present in class to Google Classroom

Try Green Screen Movie

"Is this even necessary?" slides

Alternative Assessment and Performance Tasks
History WW2 Trail- 28th April, 1700Hrs
I&E Research- 28 April 2017
IRS Research- Term 3 Week 1

Administrative Matters/Reminders
There are no changes to our timetable.
Please note that CCA stand down has started and CCA will resume after 9 May.
Please inform or comment below if I made mistakes.
I am doing the class blog for the time being in case you guys complain as Sebastian is not around.
Have a nice day,
S1-04 Jip Wah

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