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Homework for Tuesday (11/4)

Reading 9
Section A -Three
File Check
1) Reading Article
The Pedestrian
Reading 1,2,3...
2) Composition
Situational Writing-The Pedestrian
Level Test 1
3) Miscellaneous
Annotation Handout
Situational Writing Handout
I am deeply sorry for the late update
Do the whole visual text comprehension handout.
By Wednesday (I'm not really sure) But please do, better safe than sorry
Please remember to file up your Math File :)

Health Science
Please inform Anton on which date of the extra class Miss Tan is having.
  1. 24th April ( Mon ) 3.00-4.00 pm
      2)  25th April (Tue) 2.30-3.30 pm

Transportation Science
Graph Practice
Dynamics HW1
By Thursday (13/4)
Prepare your file. Mr Goh might suddenly want to collect it from us. :0
Express Chinese
By Thursday(13/4)

Higher Chinese

Please refer to Ms Neubronner's email.
Maker Lab will be open on Wednesday (12/4) 3.30 to 5.00 pm to finish your work
The project is due next week.


IH (History)
Lesson 26 Mini Project (Who is the founder of Singapore?-Debate) Get ready to present your poster and PEE twice
By Wednesday (12/2)

Update your house exercise
By Thursday (13/3)

I&E Project

Design Brief
Design a product that is practical, impactful and leverages on technology. (affect lifestyle) Theme:

Healthy Living
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Health monitoring
  • Disease protection (e.g.,. cardiovascular disease)

  1. Observe (What?)
  2. Engage
  3. Immerse
  4. State the problem

Target Audience: Adolescents
Due Date: Week 6 Friday (28/4)
Design your very own awesome movie trailer and submit to Google Classroom
By Next Tuesday (18/4)

Upload your flipbook to Youtube

Administrative Matters/Reminders
Dental Checkup on 17 April (Monday).
Students would be called out one by one.
Please take note. Some have already been called.

  • REMINDER:  There has been an LD check going on, I suggest you remove any inappropriate files from your desktop.

Also, absentees, please collect your work from the Absentees’ box (Sebastian)

There are no changes to our timetable as of Tuesday(11/4).
There would also be a file check by the principals', so make sure you have all your subject files neatly organised.

Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made mistakes.
Peace out,
Jip Wah (doing the class blog for the time being) S1-04


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