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Homework for Thursday (20/4)

Date: Thursday (20/4)
Assignments in Red are from previous days

Read Poem 2-5
Complete visual text comprehension handout.
Create a poem and submit to Google Classroom.

Topic Revision for Level Test 2
Sec 3 SSP T2 W2 Q1-3,5 (Those who finish Topic Revision for Level Test 2)
By Friday (21/4)

Health Science
The extra class by Miss Tan will be on Monday 24th April 1500-1630Hrs
2016 Common Test Practice
Finish before the additional class.

Transportation Science
Finish Moments Notes
Moments HW1
By Tuesday (25/4)
Dynamic Activity
Do when you are free
Do Energy and Work Notes Pg 7
By Tuesday (25/4)

Express Chinese
  1. 格式
  2. 开头和结尾
  3. 顺序
  4. 加以解释
  5. 例子
Worksheet for Introduction to activity (70marks)
By Friday (21/4)
Compo 4
By Monday (24/4)

Higher Chinese

Product Design Scamper
The physical model and product design are due Friday (21/4).

Please write your hypothesis and create a form with 8-10 questions

IH (History)
Migration Section 3
By Friday (21/4)


I&E Project

Make a trailer and submit to Google Classroom
By Wednesday (19/4)

Upload your flip book to Youtube

Alternative Assessment and Performance Tasks
ADMT- 20 April 2017 1400Hrs
English Poetry- 24 April 2017 1800Hrs
History WW2 Trail- 28th April, 1700Hrs
I&E Research- 28 April 2017
IRS Research- Term 3 Week 1

Administrative Matters/Reminders
There are no changes to our timetable.
Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made mistakes.
Sebastian Choo, S1-04 Secretary.


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Homework for Wednesday (15/2)

Date: Wednesday (15/2)Assignments in Red are from previous days.
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By Friday (17/2)

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By Wednesday (23/2)

IH (History) Do Silk Road Inference Practice (Google Classroom)
By Friday (17/2)

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