Thursday, March 9, 2017

Homework for Thursday (9/3)

Date: Thursday (9/3)
Assignments in Red are from previous days.

Finish the comprehension on Jenny and the bear plus annotation
Find simile and metaphor from Shooting An Elephant
By Friday (10/3)
Annotate Shooting An Elephant and Poor Dear Marget Kirby
Comprehension for My Father's Hands
By First English Class after school holidays.



SASMO Training
Tryout question from past years.

Science (Transportation Science)
Finish Activity worksheet and Homework 1 
By Monday (20/3)
Homework 2
By Wednesday (22/3)

Express Chinese
Google Classroom 《张先生》课文放大镜
Submit the first period after March School Holiday 
习字: 一次词,一次意星期五交上(10/3).

Higher Chinese
Chinese worksheet

By Friday (10/3)

Integrated Humanities (History)
Raffles Inference Practice

By Friday (10/3) <But turn it by Today (8/3)>

Finish your Intro Writing Exercise and Literature Review Worksheet(Hardcopy)

By Wednesday (22/3)

Do up to slide 15 of the ADMT slide for Product Design
By Friday (10/3)



Please do all your Google Classroom homework.

Buy hard drive for backup with at least 1TB storage.

Prepare 1/8 A4 size slips as many as possible
For Friday (10/3)

Administrative Matters/Reminders

Please remove everything from under your table in preparation for the new tables during the March 
School Holiday, next week.

Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made any mistakes.

Sebastian Choo.

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