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Homework for Monday (6/3)

Assignments in Red are from previous days.

Annotate Comprehension Passage 
By Tuesday (7/3)
Annotate 'My Father's Hands'
By Thursday (9/3)
OR stay back to annotate


SASMO Training

Science (Transportation Science)
Do Think-Puzzle-Explore of the notes
By Tuesday (7/3)

Express Chinese
习字: 一次词,一次意思, Newspaper Article Worksheet and Chinese Phrase Worksheet
By Tuesday (7/3)

Higher Chinese
Higher Chinese students please WhatsApp me the details.

Integrated Humanities (History)

Do Literature Review Worksheet
By Wednesday (8/3)

Do up to slide 15 of the ADMT slide for Product Design
By Friday (10/3)



Buy hard drive for backup with at least 1TB storage.

Prepare 1/8 A4 size slips as many as possible
For Friday (10/3)

Administrative Matters/Reminders
Christopher and Elden remember to go to Ms Lee for I&E Save The Dog Challenge Make-up
On Wednesday after school (8/3)
Aaqil, Yee Hur, Christopher, Evaan, Elston, Ryan Phua, Sebastian hand in Fully Organised Health Science File
Deadline: Tuesday 2.00 p.m (7/3)

Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made any mistakes.

Ryan Lim.


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For those who join SASMO

Rui Sian
Hey guys
Just in case u dk Sebastian has missed a homework for express chinese
that is pg 12 of the 活动本 due on 17/1/17 if i am not wrong alert me if i made a mistake in the due date

Homework for Wednesday (15/2)

Date: Wednesday (15/2)Assignments in Red are from previous days.
English Do annotation for all text except All Summer in a day
For File Check this week
Do Harrison Bergeron (Persuasive Journal Assessment)
Mathematics Do Algebra Task 3 Practice

Photo credits to Rui Zhi
Science (Biology) Homework 2 (give out on Thursday (16/2), Chairperson will give out)
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Express Chinese
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By Friday (17/2)

Higher Chinese 1完成第六课习字和笔记,星期四交
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ADMT Finish poster design 
By Friday (17/2)
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Think of your topic By Thursday (16/2) Do Literature Review worksheet
By Wednesday (23/2)

IH (History) Do Silk Road Inference Practice (Google Classroom)
By Friday (17/2)

S&W Prepare your presentation for you