Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Homework for Wednesday (22/2)

Date: Wednesday (22/2)
Assignments in Red are from previous days.


Complete 2014 S1 Math LT1 on foolscap
By Thursday (23/2)

SASMO Training
Do Task 2 Thinking Logically Part 2
By Friday (24/2)

Science (Biology)
Homework on Sexual Reproduction
Revision on Cells and Digestion certain questions (Cells: Q8, Digestion: Q10 and 12)
By Thursday (23/2)

Express Chinese
Do composition correction
Please do 理解篇章1and综合填空1
By Friday (24/2)

Higher Chinese
Higher Chinese Students, please WhatsApp or E-mail me.

Integrated Humanities (History)
Do Silk Road Inference Practice 2 (Google Classroom)
By Thursday (23/2)

Do Literature Review Worksheet
By Wednesday (29/2)

Do Isometric Drawing
Mathematical Instrument Set
By Friday (24/2)

Save the dog pitch
Link to notes: Press Here or go to 
By Monday (27/2)

Prepare your presentation for your House event (Not a homework but a gentle reminder.)
Blue House (Shot Put) standby Thursday (23/2)
Please check Google Classroom for schedule
Finish Shot Put Worksheet
By Thursday (23/2)

Buy hard drive for backup with at least 1TB storage.

Prepare your Genius Hour 
For Friday (24/2)

Administrative Matters/Reminders
Health Screening on Thursday (23/2) at 1120.
Girls: Please do not change out of your Sports and Wellness attire
Boys: Please change into uniform.

Please WhatsApp or Email me if I made any mistakes.

Sebastian Choo.

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