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Homework for 6/2 (Monday)

Homework for Monday(6/2)

Assignments in Red are from previous days.

Fill in the answers of the Google Sheets by Tuesday (7/2)

Do a video on babylonian numbers, Alternative Assessment, by Friday (10/2)
Science (Biology)

Do corrections for the Homework 1 if you have not finished *by Wednesday (8/2)
*I don't think it is necessary so.. Express Chinese
作文二 by Friday (10/2)
作文一 corrections IF you have not done by Tuesday (7/2)
Higher Chinese
笔记三, 明天有听写三

Do 3 Principles of Design on worksheet
By Wednesday (8/2)


IH (History)
Finish script on the advertisement.
By Wednesday(8/2)


Prepare your presentation for your house event (NOT a homework but a gentle reminder :D)

Do video for Chinese New Year (short clips)
Do a video to teach how to use "anything digital"
Please refer to ICT Google Classroom for more info
Due the following Tuesday (7/2)
Administrative Matters/Reminders

Do a poster on how to be a responsible digital citizen (nettiquette)
download as a PDF and drop it in the google drive folder.

Save the dog challenge, next week bring materials to build your device (0 cost)
Please Whatsapp or Email me if I made mistakes.
Jip Wah


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For those who join SASMO

Rui Sian
Hey guys
Just in case u dk Sebastian has missed a homework for express chinese
that is pg 12 of the 活动本 due on 17/1/17 if i am not wrong alert me if i made a mistake in the due date

Homework for Wednesday (15/2)

Date: Wednesday (15/2)Assignments in Red are from previous days.
English Do annotation for all text except All Summer in a day
For File Check this week
Do Harrison Bergeron (Persuasive Journal Assessment)
Mathematics Do Algebra Task 3 Practice

Photo credits to Rui Zhi
Science (Biology) Homework 2 (give out on Thursday (16/2), Chairperson will give out)
By Monday (20/2)

Express Chinese
Do all corrections  Clear all work (refer to Google Classroom)
By Friday (17/2)

Higher Chinese 1完成第六课习字和笔记,星期四交
From Jun Ci.
ADMT Finish poster design 
By Friday (17/2)
IRS IRS Project-Environmental Issues in Singapore
Think of your topic By Thursday (16/2) Do Literature Review worksheet
By Wednesday (23/2)

IH (History) Do Silk Road Inference Practice (Google Classroom)
By Friday (17/2)

S&W Prepare your presentation for you