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Homework for Wednesday (18/1)

Date: Wednesday (18/1)
Note: Assignment in Red are from the day before.

Finish Journaling on The Pedestrian By Friday (20/1)
Do Annotation By Tomorrow (19/1)

Finish Assignment 1.1, 1.2
By Tomorrow (19/1)

Science (Biology)
Cell structure worksheet Finish by Next Monday (23/1)
Homework 2 MCQ and Open Ended By Monday (23/1)
Google Classroom two homework By Monday (23/1)
Express Chinese
Complete two Chinese Express worksheet by Tomorrow (19/1)

Higher Chinese
1复习第一课课本红色词语,明天听写第一课词语。 2预习第二课,自己朗读课文。
By: Tomorrow (19/1)
From: Ryan and Isaac

Finalise slides on Google Classroom on ADMT pictures
Finish By Friday (18/1)

Do Corroboration homework on Google Classroom.
By: Next Wednesday (25/1)

IH (History)


Administrative Matters/Reminders
Sign Sexuality-Education Form
By Next Monday (23/1)
If I made a mistake, please Whatsapp or email me.


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Homework for Friday (13/1)

Date: 13/1 (Froday) Note: Assignment in Red are not from today.
English None

Math None

Science (Biology) Do Lab Safety Quiz and youtube video.
Finish By Monday (16/1)

Express Chinese Chinese Workbook 1A page 8-11
Do Chinese worksheet
Quizlet from Google Classroom
Finish By Monday (16/1)

ADMT Finish slides on Google Classroom on ADMT pictures
Finish By Wednesday (18/1)

IRS Check Google classroom for assignment from Teacher on Fast Food.
Finish By Next week Wed (18/1)

IH (History) Do activity on Google Classroom, History Lesson 2- The Accident
Finish By Monday (16/1)

Presentation on
Basic Warm-UpWhy must we warm-up?Introduction to house event.Do's and Don't's on your house event.House EventsBlack-JavelinRed-Crouch StartBlue-Shot PutGreen-DiscusYellow-Baton PassingRequirements: Max 5 mins, Max 6 slides, use keynotes or google slides.
Finish By Next Tuesday (17/1)

Administrative Matters/Reminders Sign Sec 1 Exam Schedule
By Monday (13/1)
This is for those that never submit:
Keifer, Elston, Reyes

Homework for June School Holiday

Date: June School Holiday Assignments in Redare from previous days
English English Practice Paper (Paper 1 and 2)

Math Holiday Engagement Worksheet

Health Science
Worksheet Email to you from Mr Ng (optional)

Transportation Science None

Express Chinese AA2 First Draft
Check Google Classroom for more information.
By 30 June 2017.

Higher Chinese None ​ ADMT None

IRS Please do Literature Review Planning Template (hardcopy), Hypothesis and Google Form for your reports.

IH (Geography) Do iBook
Instructions: Download iBook Author from the Mac app store to open the .iba file.

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