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Homework for Tuesday (24/1)

Date: Tuesday (24/1)

Notes: Assignments in Red are from previous days.

Try to do Google Sheets at Google Classroom
By Tomorrow

Science (Biology)

Express Chinese
Holiday Homework will be uploaded on Thursday

Higher Chinese
HCL students please text me

Finish Plant on Keynote

Do Corroboration homework on Google Classroom.
By: Wednesday (25/1)

IH (History)


Administrative Matters/Reminders

If I made a mistake, please Whatsapp or email me.


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Homework for September Holidays

Date: Wednesday (30/8) Assignments In Red are from previous days. Homework does not cover PT/AA unless PT/AA has special instructions. Important: Not all due dates are accurate as timetable has yet to be released.

Alternative Assessment/Performance Tasks I&E: PT (Check Google Classroom for the different dateline) ADMT: 3M Challenge (Due T4 W2, View below for more details)
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For those who join SASMO

Rui Sian