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Homework For Thursday (26/1)

Date: Thursday (26/1)
Please note as tomorrow, Friday the 27 Jan, has no lesson all homework for the Chinese New Year homework will be uploaded today

Assignments in Red are from previous days.

Finish group skit
By tonight 2359Hrs

Do Exercise 2A to 2D
By Next Thursday (2/2)

Science (Biology)
Finish Notes for Digestion and Cellular Respiration
By Next Wednesday (1/2)

Express Chinese
Do Google Sheet on Google Classroom
By Next Wednesday (1/2)

习字《新同学》《方大鹏》on quizlet
By Next Thursday (2/2)

听写《新同学》《方大鹏》on quizlet
On Next Friday (3/2)

Higher Chinese
Diagnostic Test考卷改正,家长签名
By (Pls send me the date, Isaac you forgot.)

Do Icon Design and upload to Google Classroom
By Next Wednesday (1/2)

Do questions on Environmental Issues in Singapore.
By Next Wednesday (1/20

IH (History)

Upload crouch start video to Google Classroom
By Next Friday (3/2)

Do video for Chinese New Year (short clips)
Do a "How to do" video
Due the following Tuesday (7/2)

Administrative Matters/Reminders
For Friday CNY,
  • Wear red
  • Do not wear offensive prints
  • No skorts or hot pants
  • Skirt of reasonable length
  • No spaghetti straps

If I made a mistake, please Whatsapp or email me.


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Homework for Wednesday (15/2)

Date: Wednesday (15/2)Assignments in Red are from previous days.
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