Thursday, January 12, 2017

Homework for Thursday (12/1)

Date: 12/1 (Thursday)
Note: Assignment in Red are from yesterday.
Finish Poster and upload on Language Arts Blog
Blog link:
Submit by Tonight (12/1)


Science (Biology)
Do Lab Safety Quiz and youtube video.
Finish By Monday,  (16/1)

Express Chinese

Cut pictures for icon design (Do Not Paste Onto Paper)
Put in ADMT file(envelope file with string)
Finish By Tomorrow (13/1)

Check Google classroom for assignment from Teacher on Fast Food.
Finish By Next week Wed (18/1)

IH (History)
Read page 11 and 22 on History Textbook.

Finish Intro Slides
Finish By Tomorrow (13/1)

Presentation on

  • Basic Warm-Up
  • Why must we warm-up?
  • Introduction to house event.
  • Do's and Don't's on your house event.
  • House Events
  • Black-Javelin
  • Red-Crouch Start
  • Blue-Shot Put
  • Green-Discus
  • Yellow-Baton Passing
Requirements: Max 5 mins, Max 6 slides, use keynotes or google slides.
Finish By Next Tuesday (17/1)

Administrative Matters/Reminders
Sign Sec 1 Exam Schedule
By Tomorrow (13/1)

If I made a mistake, please Whatsapp via Private Message(not group chat)

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